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How Can You Support Us?

Use Art2Print For Your Designs

If you have any design requirements, please consider using Art2Print Studio.
Please remember that by choosing Art2Print for your design requirements, be it flyers, brochures, posters etc. you’ll be helping to support the recovery of people with experience of mental health issues, including service users.  This will give our designers the opportunity to utilize their skills, build their self-confidence and have a sense of purpose. All of which are invaluable for people with mental health issues to successfully live in the community. In turn, Art2Print will gain valuable income which will be used to continue to support service users with graphic design training and work experience.

Mental Health Organizations

Mental health organizations can also help by informing their service users about Art2Print graphic design courses. If need be, service users can apply for personal budgets to help them attend.

Volunteer With Art2Print Studio

If you have graphic design, marketing / promotion or admin experience and would like to volunteer with us, or you would like to help teach graphic design courses held at Blackfriars Settlement, then please do get in touch and see how Art2Print can help give you more confidence and skills.