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“As ‘design novices’ approaching Art2Print we have found the service to be extremely skillful in helping us to decide what we want and need”

Adele Maria Williams
Lead Vocational Specialist
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust


Art2Print Studio is a professional graphic design studio based in Central London, which is part of Blackfriars Settlement.  (http://www.blackfriars-settlement.org.uk/).

Art2Print is unique in that people with experience of mental health issues are our designers.  We offer a professional service with original creative high quality designs.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people who have experienced mental health issues, to gain confidence and skills to move into employment or further training.

We aim to reduce stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace and its effects on employment opportunities.

We believe in inspiring creativity and making a positive difference to mental health through graphic design.

If you would like to volunteer with Art2Print Studio doing graphic design, marketing / promotion or admin. Please do get in touch with us.