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“As ‘design novices’ approaching Art2Print we have found the service to be extremely skillful in helping us to decide what we want and need”
Adele Maria Williams:  Lead Vocational Specialist, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Art2Print Studio is a graphic design studio based in Central London which supports mental health recovery.

We are part of Blackfriars Settlement http://www.blackfriars-settlement.org.uk/

Blackfriars Settlement, has existed since 1886 supporting the local community and vulnerable people. 

We are supported by The Plant Studio https://theplant.co.uk/

The Plant are a top London based branding and design studio. They boast an impressive client list including Jamie Oliver, CNN, The BFI, Curzon Cinemas, television’s Master Chef and others from the food and hospitality industry such as EAT and Four Seasons Hotels.
Since taking Art2Print under their wing, they have been an unending source of knowledge, wisdom, encouragement and kindness!

So…What makes Art2Print Studio unique?

Our design team are made up of people with experience of mental health issues. Together  we provide our clients with professional,  original, creative high quality designs. No matter the job or deadline.

Our team members are helped with mental health support, graphic design training, improving confidence and work experience.

We believe in inspiring creativity and making a positive difference to mental health through graphic design.

If you would like to volunteer with Art2Print Studio doing graphic design, marketing / promotion or admin. Please do get in touch with us.